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User Abuse

Common violations of our Terms of Use are detailed below in our User Abuse Policy. The User Abuse Policy is just a guideline used by our Game Masters (GMs), and stricter penalties may be given as deemed necessary by a GM.

When a player has received disciplinary action, they may file one Customer Support ticket appealing this action. At this point, a final judgment is made by an Arbiter and will not be reversed. An Arbiter is a specially trained GM who reviews and will verify the evidence against the account.

Please note that the duration of a disciplinary action is based on the severity of the violation, and repeated violations will incur additional suspension times, up to and including a permanent account ban.

If you suspect your account has been banned and you would like to appeal the disciplinary action, please file a ticket through our Support page.

Common Policy Violation Examples

Participating in the following activities will result in disciplinary action. At GM discretion, such discipline may go up to and include a Permanent Ban from our games. Please note that this list is not inclusive of all Terms of Use violations:

Offense Examples
Advertising Advertising hacks and hacking websites.
Promoting other websites or products
Botting Using a macro, third-party program, or physical method to play
the game in a repetitive manner
GM Impersonation Impersonating a VALOFE employee
Using Hacking Tools Using a third-party program or using illegal means to play the game
in a manner that is not intended by the creators
Sharing, buying, and selling of hacking programs or methods
Misconduct and/or Harassment Behavior and/or language inappropriate for given game
Buying or selling items, gold, or accounts for real life money
Trading an account for in-game currency
Griefing Playing game outside of creator's intended purpose with direct
intent to harass other players
Inappropriate Name Names that are sexual, racist, vulgar, or otherwise against the Terms of Use.
VALOFE reserves the right to change a player’s name at any time
Persistent insults or abuse of a GM or VALOFE employee
Giving out password or personal information