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This FAQ will answer questions you may have about Atlantica. Please select a FAQ Subject Category and then click on the question to see the answer.

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I just returned to the game and my division rating dropped one! Why is that?

Please remember that your division rating will drop down if you don't participate in Free League after a certain period of time.

I crafted something but did not receive experience toward my Guild Craft. Why is that?

Please remember that when you are personally crafting your own item, you can't contribute your workload towards the Guild Craft and therefore won't be able to receive Guild Craft experience.

I am Level 160. Why did I not level up after receiving experience from the Birthday Acong?

When you visit the Birthday Acong, we will be able to give your main character and active mercenaries the remaining experience you need in order to level up. At Level 160, you must first complete the upgrade quest before you will see your Level Up.

"The ""Revive All"" function isn't working. How can I revive all of my mercenaries at the same time?"

When using the "Revive All" button, only the item "Water of Life" can be used. "Life Potions" only resurrects individual mercenaries. To use "Revive All," collect the necessary amount of "Water of Life' vials.

How do I buy a house?

Houses are sold by Caisith in Rome. To get there; click on "Go to Rome" then select "My Home."

Level restriction: 80

I was looted in Free League. What can I do to get the item back?

When an enemy loots an item in Free League, only a clean copy of the item is looted, and your actual item is not dropped in battle.

"I get a ""GraphicDeviceNoShaderError"" when running the game. What do I do?"

This error message is typically related to an unsupported video card. First make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements listed here. If the requirements are met, please update your drivers as well as DirectX.

I am experiencing performance issues/choppy gameplay. How can I fix it?

There could be many reasons why your gameplay is choppy. To fix this problem, try lowering your screen resolution, adjusting your graphics settings, and updating your video card drivers. If you have tried all of the above and the issue persists, one recommendation we can give you is to try to defragment your hard drive.

For Windows XP:

1. Click on the Start button, go to All Programs then Accessories then System Tools then Disk Defragmenter.
2. Select the C:drive(or whatever hard drive is your default).
3. Click the OK button to start.

For WIndows Vista:

1. Click on the Start button > All Programs > Accessories>System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
2. Select the C: drive.
3. Click the Defragmentation button to start.

I am receiving some error message in-game about files that end with the extension '.nif'.

This error message is most often caused when the game is running on a system with multiple languages installed. For Windows XP users, please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Note: These instructions are for Windows XP users only.

1. Open the Window's Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Regional and Language Options.'
3. Click the 'Advanced' tab.
4. Under the setting "Language for non-Unicode programs, 'select 'English (United States).'
5. Apply the changes and you should be prompted to restart your computer.

After your computer has restarted, you should be able to enter these maps with no problems.

My patcher and game cllient keeps freezing. What should I do?

Freezes or crashes that occur upon login or during patches are most often caused by interference from processes running in the background of your operating system. Please follow these steps to disable the unnecessary processes from running:

1. Click Start and then Run
2. Type "msconfig" and select "OK."
3. When the msconfig box appears, select the Start-up tab.
4. Select "Disable All" (if you have a wireless mouse and keyboard or wireless internet, leave those things on).
5. Select "OK" and start your computer.
6. IF you look at dxdiag again, your pagefile should be much lower (around 200-300mb hopefully).
7. Try running the game.
8. If it does not help, go back to msconfig and select "Enable All" to restore your normal startup procedure.

If the above steps worked for you, try narrowing down the specific process that is causing the problem by going back to msconfig and enabling one process at a time, until you receive the error again. If the above steps did not help, please ensure that your firewall is not blocking Atlantica Online. You can also add the Atlantica Online website to your list of allowed sites in the security settings of your browser.

Alternatively, if you are using a router, it should have the option to place a particular computer "DMZ." This will disable network filtering. For instructions on how to do this, you will need to contact your router manufacturer or consult your router handbook. Usually this information can be found on their website.