[Super Match Season 5]
Super Match Season 5

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Item Mall


This box can not be traded in-game.
By using this box you will receive one of the following 28 items randomly:


Imperial Dragon Orb [Unique: 29580] QTY
White Dragon Wings 1
Sacred White Dragon Wings 1
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 40
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 20
Merc. Room License (Perm.) 2
Extra Inventory License (Perm.) 1
Ancient Skill Book Box 1
Secret Vial of Amnesia Box 1
Skill Decrease Book Box 1
Growth Vial Box 1
Scroll of Life's Blessing Box 1
Scroll of Resurrection Box 1
Scroll of Bewitching Box 1
Scroll of Freezing Box 1
Atlas Ore 300
Atlas Ore 100
[Box] Secret Vial of Potential [II] 1
Odysseus' Chest 1
Ancient Skill Book(Merc. Only) Box 1
Water of Life Box 1
Ancient Book of Knowledge (Merc. Only) Box 1
Phoenix Scroll Box 1
Guan Yu Package 1