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Item Mall


Mechanical mount made from Oriharukon parts! Has a chance to obtain [Steampunk Autogyro MK I] or the very rare [Steampunk Autogyro MK II] when used.

Steampunk Autogyro MK I x1
Steampunk Autogyro MK II x1
Ashur's Ring x1
Reaper Wings (Rare) x1
Reaper Wings (General) x1
Succubus Bike x1
Infernal Demonic Wings x1
Fairy Wings x1
Fancy Fairy Wings x1
Dell'arte Phantom Sword x1
Lucifer's Rifle x1
Immortal Bow x1
Diabolic Staff x1
Fire Dragon's Long Spear x1
Deep Blue Sea Earrings x1
Deep Blue Sea Bracelet x1
High-Priest Vivian's Earrings x1
High-Priest Vivian's Bracelet x1
Atlas Ore x50
Atlas Ore [E] x50
Atlas Outfit Stone x15
Dark Knight Outfit x1
Dark Knight Headgear x1
Druid's Soul-Sealing Stone x1
Elementalist's Head Decoration x1
Pirate's Signal Shot x1
Spartan's Sealed Slate x1
Empress' Ornament x1
Patriot's Pistol x1
Roro Kidul's Conch x1
Golden Book of Craftsmanship x15
Book of the Ages x8
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel x50
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x105