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This FAQ will answer questions you may have about Atlantica. Please select a FAQ Subject Category and then click on the question to see the answer.

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Can I redeem my VALOFE Gcoin Codes or Karma Koin Cards on the Promo Code page?

No, this page can only be used for Atlantica specific codes. If you have a prepaid code, please go to this page to redeem your GCOINS.

Can my friends and I redeem the same Promo Code?

No, Promo Codes can only be redeemed once, and only for a single account.

Can I share Promo Code rewards with other characters?

No. Once an item is moved to your character's inventory, it may not be given to any other character on the account.

Can I use a Promo Code more than once?

No, you cannot use a code more than once. After it has been redeemed the code is no longer usable.

Do Promo Codes expire?

Yes- promo codes expire one year after being distributed, unless otherwise specified.

How do I redeem my Promo Code?

If you have received a code for in-game content, follow these steps to redeem your item:

Log in to your VALOFE account (if you do not already have one, you will need to create one).
Input your code into the Redeem Code field.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your code in ALL CAPS, or it will not be accepted.
A message will appear informing you if the code input was successful.
Launch Atlantica Online.
Click the Item Mall button on the top menu bar.
Click Item Pickup.
Select your redeemed items and move them into your inventory.

What is the minimum level to buy GCOINS?

Please take some time to play Atlantica Online before buying GCOINS. We want to make sure that players understand how the game works before purchasing from our Item Mall. Once you have met the minimum level requirements(level 80) you will be able to purchase GCOINS and gain access to our Item Mall.

I purchased an item from the Item Mall, but I cannot find it in my inventory. Where is it?

Items purchased from the Item Mall can be retrieved from the Item Mall Pickup in-game.

How do I enable Google OTP?

into your VFUN Account through VFUN Launcher
2. Click on MyInfo
3. A verification email will be sent your email addressed you registered with your VFUN account
4. After you verify your email. You will now be able to access My Info. From there, toggle Google OTP to begin the process of enabling Google OTP security to your VFUN account
5. Click on Apply Google's Two Verification to begin the process. Note: Google OTP will be applied on the listed games under the VFUN Service
6. Install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device by visiting the links shown or by scanning the provided QR Code. You may also use Google Authenticator plugins on your web browser.
7. Click Next once installation has been completed.
8. Open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device or Google Authenticator Plugins on your Google Chrome.
9. Scan the QR Code or the enter the code manually using the app to add the account.
10. Once the account has been added, please enter the 6-digit verification number generated by the Google Authenticator app.
11. Once the account has been added, please enter the 6-digit verification number generated by the Google Authenticator app.
11. A small confirmation window will appear once OTP is activated, please check ok to proceed.
12. Google OTP Service is now applied on the account, please click on Confirm to complete the process. Now that Google OTP has been activated on your VFUN account, you will be required to enter your OTP verification number every time you will sign-in to the game.

How do I login through SNS?

Yes, Atlantica Online is a free-to-play game, like all other VFUN games. VALOFE American utilizes a micro-transaction business model and generates revenue through the sale of virtual goods. Atlantica Online features a wide range of customization options for your character, convenience items, and more, which can be purchased with gold (in-game money) or GCOINS (VFUN’s website-wide virtual currency). More Information about obtaining GCOINS can be found here.