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Spring Tournament 2023

  • May. 26 2023

The flowers are in full bloom! Both fauna and flora flourish in the wilds. The arena beyond the horizon entangled by nature's mighty vines.

Gladiators cut their way to the colosseum, both foliage and other fighters fall in their wake.

However, this begs the question....

Who shall rise atop and become: Spring's Champion?

When: Date to be announced

Where: TITAN Server

Requirements to join

- Minimum of 175 level Main

- Minimum of 165 level Mercenaries

- Minimum of 8 Million Might

- The character who wins the Spring Seasonal Tournament 2023 will not be able to join the other seasonal tournaments for this year 2023. Other account entries will be accepted instead.

- The champion character of each Seasonal Tournament (Fall, Winter) will be able to join the next invitational for the year 2024.

Special Rule

• Only use Staff Main Classes 

 -> Staff Main (Mage)

 -> Atlantian Battlemage

• You CANNOT use the following Main Classes:

 -> Sword Main (Knight)

 -> Spear Main (Dragoon)

 -> Axe Main (Reaver)

 -> Saw Main (Berserker)

 -> Atlantian Blademaster

 -> Bow Main (Marksman)

 -> Rifle Main (Rifleman)

 -> Cannon Main (Bombardier)

 -> Instrument Main (Maestro)

 -> Stormcaller

 -> Celestial Hunter

• Mercenary Hippolyte and Spartacus is banned when forming a squad.

Natasha (Assassin) is required to join the squad formation

Note: Not following the special rule would be REMOVED from the tournament. The rules is made to make the tournament more challenging for the participants.

•To make your entry valid kindly send a screenshot of your Main/Mercenary level and might to our Official Discord Server. There will be an exclusive channel for tournament entry.

Discord Link to Registration:

Spring Tournament 2023 - Registration

Application for entry is still open

• Participation Rewards

• 3x [Glorious Championship Medal ]

Note: Registered players who aren't present on the day of the tournament will 

not be able to participate in the next seasonal tournament.

Reminder: Please have a stable connection before entering the match to avoid any issues and disqualifications.

The arena awaits, will you be the next champion?

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

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