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Patch Notes - May 11, 2023

  • May. 11 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 361010! Starting off May with the conclusion to our Cherry Blossom Event! Be sure to use up all your petals and turn in your bouquets to Momotaro and obtain event exclusive rewards before they leave the shelves~

The threat of the abyss returns! Sorel and Caleb returns to Rome requesting the aid of Atlantians to hunt down Outworld Beasts from anywhere across the land!

More in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

-  Outfit Set

: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Set

- Decoration

: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Wings

- Mount

: [NEW] Guardian of Light

“Blessed Paladins swore an oath to eradicate the shadows from across the land! With the power of light, they call upon the heavens to smite their foes and imbue their strength with unfathomable holiness!

Take upon the oath, be protected by the light and become a warrior of order! Become the Blessed Paladin!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Vroom Vroom!

“Got your garage packed with the hottest wheels from across Atlantica? You can now gain a special collection buff once you’ve collected some of the rarest vehicles!”

: [NEW] Blessed Paladin’s Protection!

“Complete the Blessed Paladin’s Set and be infused with the power of light as you obtain the ‘Blessed Paladin’s Protection’ collection bonus!”

- End of Cherry Blossom Event 2023 – Part 1

: Cherry Blossom teleport and dungeon closes

: Disabled Quests from NPC Nohime

: Cherry Blossom hourly rewards disabled

: Momotaro’s Cherry Blossom exchange remains in Rome and dungeon entrance

“Cherry Blossom Festival finally comes to an end! Guests from across the land arrive home with souvenirs glittered with petals, Nohime thanks everyone for joining in on the festivities and Momotaro remains helping out in cleaning the after party.

Be sure to check out Momotaro, located in Rome Plaza or the Dungeon Entrance, to exchange any remaining bouquets for event exclusive rewards!”

- Mouth of the Abyss 2023

: Hourly Rewards activated

: Chance to encounter Outworld Beasts from any area or dungeon battle (PVE or TBS)

: Sorel and Caleb returns to Rome Plaza

“Sorel alerts Atlantians of an incoming swarm of beasts invading the land. Head on over to Rome Plaza and find ‘Sorel Andersen’ to see how you can deal with the invasion of beasts. Earn Malignant Shards by defeating Outworld Beasts which can be exchanged in Researcher Caleb’s event shop!

Obtain the limited time weapons ‘Wailing Piercer’ or the  ‘Shadowveil Buster’ and other essential resources!”

- Blessed Paladin’s Boxes

“Obtain the Blessed Paladin’s Outfit/Decoration/Mount and other essential items!”

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