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Regalia of the Lustrous Moon (May 2023)

  • May. 08 2023

The Order Under the Lustrous Moon

Legend has it of a union of wizards who have sought out the secrets of the stars. In this focus of wizardry, the veterans of this order were able to harness the moon's power and control the cosmos to win their many battles. However, this order would soon crumble after their last stand against the horde of shadows.

Centuries pass and their gear was soon unearthed. Excavators would later discover an ancient treasury housing a crescent-shaped vehicle, this would also be identified as the Grand Crescent mounted by the Moonlit Wizards during their grand battle against the horde.

Possessing the order’s gear can mean god-like power, however, are you ready to taste a fraction of the moon’s power?

Promotion Period:

May 1 to May 31 2023

Reward Insertion Period:

June 9, 2023


1. Spend the minimum required GC to reach a tier.

2. The player will only get the items on the tier reached; other rewards that fall under the current tier will not be awarded.

3. The accumulated amount of GC will be rounded down to the nearest tier (e.g. 29996 GC will only be eligible for the 20000 GC tier).

4. After the promotion period, the rewards will be inserted directly into the player's item mall pick-up storage after the 1st Week of June 2023.

NOTE: Bonus Gcoins will not be included in the total Gcoins spent.


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