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Cherry Blossom Festival 2023!

  • Apr. 14 2023

April welcomes one of the most flowery events in Atlantica!
In this season, the Cherry Blossoms are a sight to see! Petals flutter and scatter across the city scapes and humble villages. Welcome to the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Event Duration

April 14, 2023, ~ May 11, 2023 (CET Time)

Event Mechanics

•Open the Events button and select the Cherry Blossom Festival event button

•Speak to [EVENT] Nohime , located outside of the Cherry Blossom Festival entrance, to show you around the festival!

•Complete [EVENT] Nohime daily quests to get a jumpstart on the festivities!

•Obtaining the Cherry Blossom Festival Ticket allows you to enter the Festival! Right-clicking the Ticket grants entrance to the event dungeon~!

NOTE: You can also obtain the ticket from the event's exchange shop!

•Once you enter, you can battle the many ninjas, trainees and monsters within the dungeon. Each monster drops a Cherry Blossom!

•Gather enough Cherry Blossoms to craft the Cherry Blossom Bouquet!

NOTE: Must have at least Level 1 on Food Crafting

•With tons of Cherry Blossom Bouquet, head over to [EVENT] Momotaro and exchange them for event limited rewards!

He is located by the entrance of the Cherry Blossom Festival dungeon!

... you can also find him in Rome Plaza by the fountain!

Shop Preview

Gather enough Bouquets and obtain the event limited Forest Wanderer's Set !

Have fun here at the Cherry Blossom Festival!

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

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