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Pharaoh's Reliquary - March 2023

  • Mar. 21 2023

The Gods of Egypt have arrived in the world of Atlantica!

Introducing the Ancient Pharaoh’s sacred treasures! Only the worthy and the persistent kind are able to obtain the Pharaoh’s Reliquary. One of the world’s most ancient and mystical hoards dug up from the depths of the mysterious pyramids. Legend says that these ancient treasures are blessed by the Gods of Egypt! Upon obtaining these, one may be able to benefit from the power bestowed by a deity! But who might it be? The Goddess of the Moon? The God of Chaos? The God of the Sun? Maybe even … the God of the Afterlife?.

Promotion Period:

March 1st to March 31, 2023

Reward Insertion Period:

April 13, 2023 (CET TIME)


1. Spend the minimum required GC to reach a tier.

2. The player will only get the items on the tier reached, other rewards that fall under the current tier will not be awarded.

3. The accumulated amount of GC will be rounded down to the nearest tier (eg. 29996 GC will be only eligible for the 20000 GC tier).

4. After the promotion period, the rewards will be inserted directly on the player's item mall pick-up storage on April 13, 2023.

Note: Bonus Gcoins will not be included in the total Gcoins spent.

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