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Patch Notes – October 13, 2022

  • Oct. 14 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360870! In today’s patch, the Beasts’ Banquet Hall has closed its doors, the beasts have retreated, and the threat to the land has been expelled. Goddess Lea thanks the many Atlantians who helped her in stopping these demonic beasts.

In other news, it’s Spooky Season! Halloween events, scares and goodies galore this October!

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Costume Sets

: [NEW] Festive Halloween Vampire (with Event Variant)

- Mount

: [NEW] Festive Halloween Ghost Carriage (with Event Variant)

- Decoration

: [NEW] Festive Halloween Ghosts (with Event Variant)

“Starting the off the Spooky Season with some spooky themed sets! Get in the “spirit” of Halloween with the Halloween Vampire sets which comes with your very own Spooky Ghost and a fancy carriage!”

- Collection Book Effect

: [NEW] Grand Festival of Ghosts

- Titles

: [NEW] Title: Ghost Bride

: [NEW] Title: Ghost Groom

-Loading Background

: Changed to Halloween 2022 Theme

- End of Beasts’ Banquet Hall (Part 1)

: Beasts’ Banquet Hall Teleport and Entrance removed

: [EVENT] Goddess Lea stays until next update

“The beasts have retreated to the deepest parts of Atlantica! Goddess Lea is truly grateful to all Atlantians who’ve battled alongside her against the beasts. She will be staying to prepare for her departure.

Have leftover Beasts’ Valuables? Head on over to Goddess Lea in Rome Plaza to exchange for exclusive event rewards!”

- Start of Spooky Ghost Town (2022)

: Spooky Ghost Town teleport and entrance added

: Shop NPC Halloween Specter returns

: Quest NPC added – Bridesmaid Rienne

: [NEW] Rewards – Halloween Vampire Costume Set

“The Spookiest town on Atlantica returns for another Spook-filled Spooktober! Battle ghouls, minions and other horrors in this bat-filled cemetery, the Spooky Ghost Town!

A mysterious invitation has been sent to many Atlantians, inviting them to a wedding night down at the spooky cemetery. It does not bode well for many, but regardless, it is up for investigation.

Head on over outside of Dublin where you will be met with a ghostly lady with an errand in mind and enter the Spooky Ghost Town!

NOTE: You will need the Ghost Bride’s Invitation letter to enter.”

- [NEW] Festive Halloween Vampire Costume Box

- [NEW] Festive Halloween Ghosts’ Box

- [NEW] Festive Halloween Carriage’s Box

“You can now obtain Festive Halloween collection set along with essential items!”

- Warden’s Night Wings vs. My Home

: Fixed an issue where the mount is displayed as Watcher’s Shadow Wings when inside MyHome

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