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Patch Notes – July 14, 2022

  • Jul. 14 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360810! In today’s patch, we mark the end of Freedom Park! The park now closes its doors, confident that no baddies get to enter ever again, at least for now.

On another hand, the circus is in town! The Traveling Theater returns to put on a show, and along with it are returning rewards as well as new ones!

Along with the whimsical event, new arrivals! Plow through the waves and join the hunt with the all-new Tide Hunter Outfit Sets!

This and more here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- Mercenary Skin

: [NEW] Nine Tails: Blood Moon Assassin

“In the crimson night, Nine Tails becomes the elusive Assassin! Take down your foes at the dead of night as Nine-Tails with the all-new Blood Moon Assassin skin!”

- Costume Sets

: [NEW] Tide Hunter Outfit Set

: [NEW] Elite Tide Hunter Outfit Set

- Decoration

: [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Companion

: [NEW] Elite Tide Hunter’s Companion

- Mount

: [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Seahorse

: [NEW] Elite Tide Hunter’s Seahorse

- Boxes

: [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Gear Random Box

“Tide Hunters are known to be swift and resourceful. In large groups, they are unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with, taking down their prey without a moment’s notice. Obtain the Tide Hunter outfit set and plow through the currents on your faithful steed!”- End of ‘Freedom Park 2022’ Phase 1

: Removed Event Teleport

: Removed Entrance

: Luna’s Daily Quests are now unavailable

“Freedom Park once again closes its doors! Luna once again thanks the many Atlantians who battled against the army of outlaws who were causing a ruckus in the once peaceful park! Sol will be staying to clean up the mess but would also be keeping his shop open until the next update!

Head on over to Freedom Park’s closed entrance and look for Sol to help exchange any remaining Freedom Flyers~”

- Start of Traveling Theater 2022

: Additional exchange rewards

“Traveling Theater returns with even more rewards! Traitor Capitano invites all Atlantians to join this year’s carnival show! Battle the many talents and attractions and obtain event-exclusive rewards!

Making its return is the ever-burning Dell’arte’s Ambition. Along with the newly added rewards featured is the event-exclusive, Tide Hunter Set! Take part and become an agile hunter of the sea today!”

- [NEW] Tide Hunter’s Gear Random Box

“You can now obtain the Tide Hunter’s Outfits along with essential items!”- Mounts vs. TBS

: Fixed an issue where recently released mounts are unable to trigger their skills on TBS battles

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