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[EVENT] Happy Easter Event!!

  • Apr. 07 2022

Foolish Bunny Acongs are lurking in the land of Atlantica. They hide in Enemy ranks, find them and return them to their homes.

Event Duration: April 7, 2022, to May 7, 2022

Event Mechanics:

• Get the quest from Giant Quest Acong at Rome (Gate Left Side). He is the one who will issue the hunt for the Bunny Acongs.

• Hunt 200 Foolish Bunny Acongs to get 1 Hidden Repositorium Key (1 Key per Day)

• You can encounter the Foolish Bunny Acongs from any field in-game. They will drop Easter Candle (Event).

• Once you complete the Quest you will get the key for the individual dungeon Hidden Repositorium. When you finish the dungeon you will receive 100 Easter Candle (Event). You can only enter the dungeon again after 20 hours.

• You can redeem awesome rewards from the exchange NPC Easter Token Collector using Easter Candle (Event).

Researcher Caleb

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