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Super Match Season 5

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A Spook-tacular Reopening!

  • Oct. 28 2021

A misty and chilly season envelopes a familiar site …

Deep within a forest comprise of rotting trees and shrouded by a seemingly endless night, lie a field where many are laid to rest, to be left in eternal slumber. A burial ground that has been a place of tradition for many who have crossed towards the afterlife. Any living being who dares intrude and given passage must pay their respects to the dead in return.

At a certain time of the year, however, such laws of life were unquestionably bent as many were told that those laid to rest there would awaken at the dead of night...

And by the power of a diabolic will, these restless spirits would hound unsuspecting passers-by or even visitors until they too fall into ruin…

What is this? The mausoleums have lit up? Countless ghouls wander the land! All manner of evil spirits has inhabited the burial ground! A festivity of chills and scares has begun!

Welcome one and all, as a town of nightmares opens its gates up once again. Welcome to the Spooky Ghost Town!

So what would it be, Trick or Treat?

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