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Freedom Park 2021!

  • Jun. 24 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Freedom Park opens its doors once again for the locals to enjoy. However, the lush green park within the city is teeming with crazy outlaws, looking for unsuspecting victims to steal from.

Now is your chance Atlantian, this Independence Day special, take part in the battle against the Outlaws and rid the Park of all criminals. 

Assist the young Luna as she exacts vengeance against the baddies who have single-handedly ruined her wonderful stroll in the Park. Help her and you will be well rewarded for your good deeds.

[Event Mechanics]

Event Duration:
June 24, 2021, to July 8, 2021

Level Requirement: Level 80+

Event Location

It can also be quickly accessed through the [Event Menu]

Freedom Park Event Portal

Once a day, players can purchase 2 [Freedom Park Ticket (30 Min)] for 1,000,000 gold from NPC Sol

Once the player uses the [Freedom Park Ticket (30 Min)], Freedom Park can now be access located in New York.

Defeating monsters within Freedom Park has a chance to drop [Freedom Flyers]

Freedom Park enemies

Sol – Freedom Park Item Exchange NPC

Once you have accumulated enough flyers, you can exchange them with her.

Note: He is located just outside of New York, nearby Freedom Park portal.

Freedom Park Item ExchangeHelp NPC Luna with her requests and she’ll reward you with [Freedom Flyers] for completing it.

Note: She is located beside the Freedom Park event portal.

Her daily requests

Upgrade some of your Freedom Park items with 2000 [Freedom Flyers]!

Below Items are eligible for the upgrade

To upgrade the item, simply right click on any eligible item to open up a menu and select [Combination]

Click on [Combine] to complete the process of the Upgrade

Fight for your freedom and start collecting Freedom Flyers!

Have a great Independence Day Atlantians!

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