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Spooky Halloween 2020

  • Apr. 29 2021

Trick or Treat!

A mysterious invitation with a ghastly presence is suddenly given to everyone. Halloween Ghost Town is once again open and everyone is invited!

The ever infamous accessories can be procured again but it won’t be easy with ghostly and supernatural monsters of the night roaming the land of the dead.

|[Event Mechanics]

Event Duration: October 15, 2020 to November 26, 2020

Level Requirement: Level 60+

Players can obtain up to two rewards every hour in-game by being logged in each day during the event

The player needs to use the item [Ghost Bride's Invitation (Event)] to be permitted of entering Spooky Ghost Town.

Spooky Ghost Town Portal

Note: Located nearby Dublin

Spooky Ghost Town Map Location: Northern Europe

Players can also use the Event menu to access the Spooky Ghost Town.

Monsters of horror and night roam the graveyard and searching for an unlucky victim.

Note: Event monster levels scales to main character’s level

Defeating enemies within the dungeon rewards players with various items, including the [Pumpkin Bomb] which can be exchanged for a selection of prizes and useful items and a rare chance for a [Misty Graveyard Key]. Players can exchange [Pumpkin Bomb] they collected to Halloween Specter NPC.

Pumpkin Bomb

Misty Graveyard Key

Beyond the cemetery, a powerful enemy can be fought if one posses a [Misty Graveyard Key].

Misty Graveyard Portal

Location: Located within Ghost Town Cemetery area

Item Required: Requires a [Misty Graveyard Key] to enter

Elizabeth’s Phantom

Halloween Specter NPC

Location: Halloween Specter is located nearby the Spooky Ghost Town portal

Item Exchange List

Runaway Pumpkin also has list of repeatable daily tasks for everyone who are brave enough to venture into the land of the dead.

Runaway Pumpkin NPC

Location: Runaway Pumpkin is located nearby the Spooky Ghost Town portal

Runaway Pumpkin Daily Quests

Halloween Pumpkin Accessory Upgrade

Two Accessory Upgrade Tickets is required to upgrade any Halloween Pumpkin Accessory.

Right click on any Halloween Pumpking accessory and select [Combination]

A window will appear and you may proceed to [Combine] to complete the upgrade process.

Once completed, the item is now upgraded to its Spooky version of the item.

Happy Haunting everyone!

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