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EVENT: Spring Bunny Hunt!

  • Apr. 29 2021

EVENT: Spring Bunny Hunt!

Every hour within X to Y, a GMs will be running around the server riding on Golden Bunnies!

If a player successfully finds the GM, all players currently online will be rewarded with Cherry Blossom Pouches!

But that's not all, the lucky player who finds the GM also gets a wonderful prize! Good luck to everyone and have a great easter!

For the mechanics of this event, please read below:

1. GM will be online from 10am-10pm CEST

2. GM will give no clue on his/her whereabouts.

3. Once a GM is found, it will be announced on the server and will hide on another spot. Cherry Blossom Pouches will be given to every player online and a bonus of 10 Paint Puzzle Pieces for the player who finds the GM.

4. GM's hiding spots can be anywhere. (Towns, Fields, Dungeons, ETC.) So be alert!

5. Any player can win as much as they can.

So get your hunting caps ready and time to gather seed pouches for everyone!


- Official Valofe GMS have the 'VGM' icon beside their nameplate.

- GMs are riding a GOLDEN BUNNY MOUNT during the event.

- Any spammers in-game will be penalized with a 1 day suspension.

- Paint Puzzle Pieces will be sent via Mailbox.



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