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Result of Mercenary Design Contest

  • Apr. 29 2021

Hello Atlantica Online.

The 2017 mercenary contest, which was held on February 9, 2017, ended with the candidate of Ninetails among the final 11 candidates in the second round of voting.

We are very pleased that many of Atlantian have applied for the contest and have actively participated in voting.

Here are the results of the 2017 Mercenary Contest.

★ 2017 Mercenary Contest Results

First place: [Ninetails] 20,000 Bonus GCoin + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set

2nd place: [Hung Ga Master] 10,000 Bonus GCoin + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set

3rd place: [Charger] 5,000 Bonus GCoin + Mercenary Summon Marble + Spellbook Set

We applaud the remaining 8 Runner-Ups : 3,000 Gcoins each!

※ The result is also confirmed by the following link.


★ 10 Lucky Voters

Here are the accounts that will receive 500 bonus Gcoins from the accounts that have been voted on.

* Belldand**

* patfarmer**

* Lenn0x**

* firefighter1**

* Symanti**

* AngelMichae**

* kymry**

* 1882emble**

* Hansolo**

* Kev**

※ The bonus Gcoin payment will be given away until the Regular Maintenance on April 20th.

Thank you again for your great support and participation in the 2017 Mercenary Contest.

Now our development team is in the working of building the 1st place Ninetails mercenary.

Please look forward to Ninetails coming back as a nice mercenary this year.

Thank you.

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