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Arc Angel Event Winners Revealed!

  • Apr. 29 2021

Dark days are ahead of us, Atlantians...

War is coming and our blacksmiths are already working non-stop at refining the Arc Angel Set. However, an unexpected plague came for the blacksmiths and most of them had to stop for an indefinite amount of time. We're recruiting more of them as we speak and those not affected are working overtime for the preparation of the war.

Listed below are the winners of the Arc Angel Facebook Event or also known as the front line of defense in the upcoming war:

Arc Angel Costume:

1. Glissa - Bloodmoon

2. Estrala - Bloodmoon

3. Zehiir - Blacksun

4. dahut - Blacksun

5. Yuuki38 - Blacksun

6. Shanior - Blacksun

7. Astrelia - Blacksun

8. FrauFlodder - Blacksun

9. Tizig - Blacksun

10. Florence07 - Blacksun

Arc Angel Wing:

1. satone21

2. Hannito

3. Freija84

4. lordlaguna

5. 19karrasch61

6. Jersey1984

7. Xanathorn3

8. miyalealia82

9. WolfAik90

10. archvinz

We're terribly sorry for this staggeringly late announcement and we hope that you don't hold this against us. We had to figure out how to tell everyone about it but there was no way we're going to lie to you, Atlantians. We need more time.

On the bright side, we're offering these winners a choice:

1.) Players that won the event may choose to reap their rewards now and get:

NA: Minotaur Costume Set or Minotaur Wings right away.

EU: The latest Costume Set or latest Wings right away.


2.) Players may decide to hold off on the immediate rewards and wait for the Arc Angel Set when it's available within this year.

How to redeem your reward?

You must send an email to redeem your reward from us.

1. In-game name: ModeloMiAmor

2. Server: EU - BloodMoon

3. Choice of Reward: Arc Angel/Minotaur Costume Set or Minotaur Wings.

Winners may contact us at our website and email us using the Customer Support page only.

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