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Thanksgiving Event

  • Apr. 29 2021

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, hungry beasts have raided villages across the nation! You have been asked for a favor to return the turkeys back to the Native American Tribe! Good luck hero and save the symbol of Thanksgiving!


- Event Period: After MA of 23th NOV ~ Before MA of 21th DEC

- Event Level: 30 ~ 170 Level

Event Details

1. Accumulative Login

You can get the [Turkey] for every hour that you are online, earn up to 50 per day.

* Accumulative time reset at 00:00 daily.

2. Random Encounter

Players can encounter a [Thanksgiving Bushbeast] randomly on battles. These creatures have stolen Turkeys across the land! Stop them and retrieve the turkeys!

[Thanksgiving Bushbeast] can drop the following items:

* Some dungeons and TBS don’t have [Thanksgiving Bushbeast].

3. Thanksgiving Native American

Exchange your turkeys for some valuable mounts!

[Turkey] and [Gold Turkey] can be exchanged to other items from NPC [Thanksgiving Native American] in New York.

* ALL MOUNT ITEMS(Immortal Skull Dragon, Skull Dragon, Helios' Golden Griffin, Helios' Griffin) CAN ONLY BE REDEEMED ONLY 1 TIME.

* If you choose ‘Immortal Skull Dragon’, you cannot exchange another mount item, no exceptions.

Details of [Thanksgiving Box]

: Chance to get 1 of the following items

4. Fishing

[Turkey Bait]
can be exchanged from NPC [Thanksgiving Native American]

These bait has a good chance of getting a Turkey from the sea?! It also gives a chance to get a Golden Turkey!

[Turkey Bait] costs 5 million gold per lure.

Fishing Rewards:

5. Party EXP Multiplier x2 and x3

Only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Event period.

* [Turkey] and [Gold Turkey] will be removed after the event ends.

See you all inside the game Atlantians!

VALOFE Operations Team

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