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Patch Notes - August 19, 2021

  • Aug. 19 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360590! The Hainan Fireworks Festival has come to an end. The festivity may have ended but the adventure throughout the world of Atlantica continues!

On another hand, the Twisted Bran Castle once again opens its doors ready to welcome unsuspecting adventurers. Within lies an army born from the shadows of the night with all manner of twisted spirits trapped within the walls. The army is led by three powerful generals, a hulking beast born of rock, a maiden of purity and the castle’s lord in the brink of insanity.

Sorel Andersen makes a return and is looking for the aid of Atlantians who can slay the army of the night. Those who are brave enough to fight will be rewarded generously for their actions. Now is the time to act and seal the Twisted Doors once again.

- Server Refresh

- New Box

: Autumn Thief Costume Random Box

- New Outfit Set

: Aerobic Sportswear and Weight Sportswear

: Aerobic Hairband and Sports Hairband

“New Sports Attire has dropped in the land of Atlantica! Work up a sweat with these light and flexible outfits crafted from the finest silken materials.”

: Autumn Thief Headwear and Autumn Thief Costume

“Bearing the color of Fall, the Thieves of the Autumn Season possesses the calmness and flow of the season’s chilly winds.”

: Crown of Abyss and Garb of Abyss

: Crown of Chaos and Garb of Chaos

“A Crown and Armor craftily forged from exotic materials and enchanted by a powerful Dark Archmage. Such powerful equipment corrupts its bearer and are driven to insanity but are given dark powers that unleashes their potential. Many warriors before have chosen the path of corruption just to gain such tremendous power. Perhaps the quote “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you” is true after all.”

- New Decoration

: Enchanted Scythe of Abyss

: Enchanted Scythe of Chaos

“A Scythe imbued with dark sorcery. The blade of the weapon is sharper than any warrior’s sword and can easily slice through even the toughest armor. A surprise of ghastly magical blades awaits those who attack its wielder recklessly”

- New Mount

: Runic Barrier of the Abyss

: Runic Barrier of the Chaos

“Such arts of dark sorcery has led to the creation of destructive forces. The magical seals are a manifestation of hidden dark powers within the person. Such display of enormous power may however cost the life of its user and perhaps, their sanity too.”

- New Title

: Executioner of Night

“A title awarded to who fought and braved the monsters of the night.”- End of Hainan Fireworks Festival Event

: Festival NPC Ruka removed

“Ruka sets hear leave when the Fireworks Festival ended. She’ll be traveling to a new island to host such similar events. She will be returning back once more after touring other various locales.”

- Freedom Park

: Merchant Sol removed

- Start of Twisted Bran Castle Event

: Sorel Andersen NPC enabled

: Merchant Acong enabled

“The Army of the Night has risen and is led by the three Lords of Night. Sorel Anderson is recruiting every Atlantian he can recruit to fight back such evil forces of nature. Rewards will be given to those who will participate”

- Pre-load September Monthly Exploration Reward

- AO Day Setting

: August 28th to 29th- Autumn Thief Costume Random Box

: Contains Autumn Thief Costume Set

“As the Season of Autumn gets closer, so does the Autumn Thieves. Wearing the perfect set of costumes that completely blends in within various crowds of people celebrating big Autumn Festivals. They stealth through the crowds and into various palaces to steal precious treasures.  Once the Autumn Thieves have completed their task, they flee without notice and everyone else celebrating is none the wiser.” 

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