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[NEW] Purifying Tower

  • Apr. 29 2021

I. Introduction

On the west coast of Rome, a ship awaits you to embark to the coast of Sardinia.

There, you will meet a familiar person who requests your aid and providing valuable information about Riederan's Plan of Purification!

II. NPC Introduction

1. Aaron Reisner - a veteran leader who fought against the forces of Riederan, he will provide information and quests on the coast of Sardinia.

2. Battle Supply Smuggler - a mysterious peddler who provides you some unique yet strange items in exchange of spoils coming  from this island.

III. Quests

Aaron Reisner will provide you will several quests, each rewarding you with Emblems which can be traded for valuable items. However these challenges will become more difficult as you uncover the secrets of the Purifying Tower.

IV. Tower

This tower contains several floors, however, only few knows what power lurks inside it. One must be aware that the higher you get, more difficult monsters will come your way.

V. Rewards

For each monster defeated, there will be a chance that you will receive several  'Corps Emblems' which you can trade with the Battle Supply Smuggler.

You may also receive items called 'Unstable Alternate Dimensions'. These items requires 'Space Stabilizers' that will serve as keys to open them. You can also get them from the Battle Supply Smuggler.

Rumors that these contain valuable accessories.

Lastly, there is the 'Stone of Emptiness', no one knows how to use it, maybe there are clues once you have reached the top of the tower? Good luck Atlantian!

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