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Spring Seasonal Tournament Invitational!

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Spring Tournament Invitational (Date to be announce).

Requirements to join

- Minimum of 175 level Main

- Minimum of 165 level Mercenaries

- Minimum of 6 Million Might

- The character who win the Spring Seasonal Tournament will not be able to join the other seasonal tournaments for this year 2020. Other account entries will be accepted instead.

- The champion character of each Seasonal Tournament (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) will be able to join the next invitational for the year 2021.

- Characters from new servers Inca and Amazonas can’t participate. 

There will be a separate tournament exclusive for the new servers.

•To make your entry valid kindly send a screenshot of your Main/Mercenary level and might to 

GM via discord or if you encounter them in-game.

Application for entry is still open

•Participation Rewards

•[Blessing License(3 Days/Event)]

•5 [Art Gallery Pass [Event]]

Note: Registered players who aren't present on the day of the tournament will not 

be able to participate on the next seasonal tournament.

Reminder: Please ensure a stable connection before entering the match to avoid any issues and disqualifications.

Tournament Winners will win the following rewards!

Content of the Legendary Weapon Selection Box:

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