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March 23 Update - Patch Notes

  • Apr. 29 2021

[March 23 2017 Update]

PATCH NOTES 3/23 2017



- Server refresh

▷ Event

- Upgrade Event an old mount to a new mount with Mysterious Paint !! : Variety issues has been changed.

: You can now trade the 5 [Paint Puzzle Pieces] to a [Shining Sports Car] mount to Merchant Acong in Rome.

: After the maintenance on March 23 until before the maintenance on April 13, 2017, you can receive 1 [Paint Puzzle Piece] daily if you stay logged in for 1 hour, in your mailbox. (Up to 1 per day.)

: You can now search [Paint Puzzle Piece] at the market.

: Blessing License(1 Day/Tradable)is shown now ‘Tradable’ properly.

: [Paint Puzzle Piece] was not to be seen in the inventory. This bug has been solved. (March 20)

: Level Requirements to get Puzzle Piece (Level 131)

▷ Compensation

- - EXP Boost Reloaded! 300% EXP boost (100% Normal EXP + 200% Bonus EXP) on all servers starting March 23 (Thursday) until March 26 Sunday 23:59).

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