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[PROMO] July Mid-month Sale!

  • Apr. 29 2021

Hey! It's that time again!

Enjoy new additions in the item mall together with fabulous discounts! Check them out in the SALES section!

Exclusive discounts!

Atlas Ore Promo x1000 + 150 - 50% off

Tania Gold Package - 30% off!

Tania Silver Package- 30% off!

Tania Bronze Package - 40% off

Decoration Box Flagdown! - 249GC each!

Skull Dragon Wing Decoration Box

Dark Lea's Wings Box

Legion Flag Random Box

Archangel Wings Decoration Box

Ancient Minotaur Decoration Box

Featured Mercenary

Khun Phaen's Carrier Pigeon

Orb and Books available!

Check the Item Mall now:

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