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[PROMO] Anne Bonnie's Amazing Booty (April)

  • Apr. 29 2021

Anne Bonnie's Amazing Booty!

Anne Bonnie has returned to share her treasures to everyone!

Promotion Period:

April  1st - April 30th 2018

Reward Insertion Period:

May 4th 2018


1. Spend the minimum required GC to reach a tier.

2. The player will only get the items on the tier reached, other rewards that fall under the current tier will not be awarded.

3. The accumulated amount of GC will be rounded down to the nearest tier (eg. 29996 GC will be only eligible for 20000 GC tier).

4. After the promotion period, the rewards will be inserted directly on the player's item mall pick-up storage on May 4th 2018.

Don't miss this one of a lifetime chance of getting your own Radiant Gold Dragon Mount!

Limited Premium Box Contents (Random Box)

Opening this box may contain one(1) of the following items:

  • Archangel Battle Cap

  • Noble Archangel Battle Cap

  • Archangel Battle Suit

  • Noble Archangel Battle Suit

  • Archangel Wings

  • Noble Archangel Wings

  • Incarnation of Archangel

  • Incarnation of Noble Archangel

  • Minotaur Battle Cap

  • Ancient Minotaur Battle Cap

  • Minotaur Battle Suit

  • Ancient Minotaur Battle Suit

  • Minotaur Wings

  • Ancient  Minotaur Wings

  • Minotaur

  • Ancient Minotaur

  • Wyvern

  • Fire Drake

  • Immortal Wyvern

  • Immortal Fire Drake

  • Black Wind

  • Red Wind

  • Archangel Outfit Box

  • Archangel Wings Decoration Box

  • Incarnation of Archangel Card

  • Ancient Minotaur Outfit Box

  • Ancient Minotaur Wings Box

  • Ancient Minotaur Card

Dragon Lair Ticket

  • Allows you to enter the Dragon Lair where you can find the Dragon Lair Acong.

  • You will able to purchase an exclusive box from the NPC that may contain very rare items and materials!

  • Each ticket grants you 3 minutes to enter, so buy as much boxes during this short span of time!

Radiant Gold Dragon

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