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2017 MMO Reader's Choice Award Event

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Atlantica Online has been nominated for the 2017 MMO Reader's Choice awards at @MMOsite

The 2017 MMOsite Readers' Choice Awards Event is a worldwide event that involves the entire online gaming population.

VOTE HERE: [http://event.mmosite.com/gameprize/]

Please remember to vote once every 24 hours and for each category!

There are numerous categories being contested. Atlantica Online falls in these 3 categories: Favorite MMORPG, Most Classic, Best Innovation.

The event is divided into 2 rounds. The first round is held on Dec.1st-Dec.20th, and the next will be held on Dec.21st- Jan.4th.

And of course, we would not let you guys go empty handed after supporting Atlantica Online!

Prizes will be given on to all players once we have won a spot on any of the categories!

However, winning more categories means better prizes!

Here are the rewards for this event!

Prize A

Merc. Room License [No Trade/Perm]              x 3

Platinum License Pack (1 Day)                       x 2

Character level Up Ticket (Mercenary Only)      x 5

Guan Yu Search License(No Trade/1 day)         x 5

Prize B

Legendary Weapon Box (Europe)                     x 3

Ancient Skill Book(1 billion)                           x 3

Platinum License Pack (1 Day)                       x 10

Neo-ACA Search Robot License(No Trade/7 days) x 1

Prize C

Legendary Weapon Box (Europe)                    x 5

Ancient Skill Book(1 billion)                           x 5

Platinum License Pack (30 Days)                    x 1

Win 1 Category: Prize A

Win 2 Categories: Prize A+B

Win 3 Catagories: Prize A+B+C

Our fate lies in your hands, fated Atlantian! Let's dominate the competition!

Atlantica Operations Team

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