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Accounts with Special Characters Notice

  • Apr. 29 2021

Attention Atlantians!!!!

We have a very important announcement

We would like to remind all the players who have special characters in their VALOFE ID, (e.g. !@#$%&)

That containing special characters and blank spaces in their VALOFE accounts won't be able to log-in game for the meantime.

For VALOFE IDs shouldn't contain special characters and spaces.

However, our Developer Team are working something out for you guys to be able to log-in and play.

Update: February 9 2017

1. Account ID's which includes special characters like (e.g. !@#$%&) were replaced with "_". And can now play the game without any trouble.

2. After successfully logging in, there is still a chance that your characters are not there. If that happens, we strongly suggest not to use that account until we complete retrieving your data. (Create and play at a new account for the moment)

3. Compensation will be given next week (after maintenance)

4. If you still can't access your account, we will have a second batch of accounts with special characters, and more information to be released next week.

5. If your account ID is valofe!123 > valofe_123, but if valofe_123 already exist, your account ID will become valofe__123 (double underscore). If you are still having difficulties on accessing your account, please go to our 'My Info' page: https://sign.valofe.com/sign/find_info

Update: February 16 2017

We would like to inform everyone that Account ID's including special alphabetic characters like Å, ú, ç, etc will be changed to "_" after 00:00 PST February 16 Maintenance. After fully changing the special characters to "_", affected accounts can access the game, website and billing without any problems. (Old ID's can't be used anymore, the changes will be permanent for special characters.)


1. Account ID: VÅLOFE > V_LOFE

2. Account ID: úclair123 > _clair123

More special alphabetic characters:

Å, ö, é, ä, ü, ú, õ, ñ, ô, ç, ó

If your account ID has special characters and having trouble logging in, kindly change the special alphabetic character to "_". If the problem still insist, kindly contact us through our CS ticketing.

The purpose of this revision is for fixing the bug in which Account ID's with special characters can't log-in on both Billing and Homepage.


We'll notify you guys for further updates.

Thank you for understanding and patience.


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