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Patch Notes - August 10, 2023

  • Aug. 11 2023

-  [NEW] Costume

Muspelheim Costume Set

Muspelheim Noble Costume Set

“With this searing outfit, you can embrace Muspelheim's fire, infusing your character with raw power through fiery reds, ember accents, and flame motifs."

- [NEW] Collection

Muspelheim Set

- [NEW] Mount

Muspelheim Beast

Muspelheim Explosive Beast

“Ride the flames with the Muspelheim Beast!”

- Acong Water Park (2023)

Exchange NPC Manager Michael

[NEW] Acong Water Park Ticket

[NEW] Quest from Exorcist N

Join Exorcist N on his quest to calm down violent people at the Acong Water Park!

- Milky Way Festival

Milky Way Collector removed

Muspelheim Costume and Mount Boxes

“Complete the Muspelheim Set with with these boxes!”

Added non-tradable versions of the following items:

Purified Enhance Stone (No Trade)

Purified Enchant Stone (No Trade)

Lucky Enhance Stone (No Trade)

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