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Patch Notes - July 20, 2023

  • Jul. 20 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Version 361060 has arrived and tackles a small adjustment to Milky Way Festival, the new Grim Reaper’s collection and 2 EPIC skin variants for King Arthur!

More to talk about in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- [NEW] Costume

: Sage King Arthur: Knight King of the Dawn

: Dark King Arthur: Knight King of the Abyss

“King Arthur, well known as the legendary King of Camelot, also had various depictions. One being the ever noble King of Knights who hopes for a brighter tomorrow and embraced by the light, and the other, a ruthless King of Knights who ruled with an iron fist and who of which has succumbed to darkness to protect his people.

Obtain the new skin variants: Sage King Arthur’s Knight King of the Dawn and Dark King Arthur’s Knight King of the Abyss skins!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Deathbringer

: [NEW] Reaper’s Summons

“The Grim Reaper returns with a little task for you. Collect all of the Grim Reaper’s costumes and costume sets and gain a special bonus buff!”- End of Mystery Train (Part 2)

: Shop NPC Mystery Train Guide removed

: Mystery Train Ticket and Mystery Tokens removed

“Mystery Train Guide finally finishes his documents and departs back home to America. Along with his shop, Mystery Train event rewards now goes rare after this update.”

- Milky Way Festival

: Hourly Rewards adjusted

: Added the amount of Lunar Pieces obtained from Hourly Login

“The fairies favor your company and grants you additional lunar pieces while the festival is ongoing!”- Reaper Costume and Mount Boxes

“Making its return, the Grim Reaper Set! With updated pity system and updated items!”

- Dawn’s Core and Twisted Core

“Obtain Sage King Arthur’s and Dark King Arthur’s, Knight King Skins which comes with a variety of essential items!”

- Weekly and Grand Championship

: Removed Barbarian Lord’s Black Tiger reward

: [NEW] Added Dark Silver Box

: Become the Grand Winner to obtain the Dark Silver Box!

: Contains the following items:

                > New Jackpot Atlas Sealed Box – 7x

                > Character Level Up Ticket (Lv 180) – 1x

                > Shining Water of Life – 30x

                > Symbol of Glory – 500x

                > Glorious Championship Medal – 5x

: [NEW] Added Black Diamond Studded Box

: Rewarded to the Championship’s 2nd Placer

: Contains the following items:

                > New Jackpot Atlas Sealed Box – 3x

                > Shining Water of Life – 15x

                > Symbol of Glory – 50x

                > Glorious Championship Medal – 2x

- Battlefield K.D

: [NEW] Added Mark of Glory

: Contains Symbol of Glory 50x

: Located under ‘Championship Tab’ and costs ‘Glorious Championship Medal 2x’ per piece

“The league is where many prove their power against other Atlantians. As such, rewards have been adjusted to better commemorate player”

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