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Patch Notes - July 6, 2023

  • Jul. 06 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Starting off today’s update, with a rundown of version 361050!

New arrivals and more mercenary balancing and a very special Milky Way Festival event coming your way!

More to tackle, here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- [NEW] Costume

: Shark Onesie Set

: Cutie Shark Onesie Set

“Snuggle up this summer or embrace the spirit of the shark with the all new Shark Onesie set!”

- [NEW] Decoration

: Grumpy Octopus Chibi

: Smiley Octopus Chibi

“A cute companion during your summer adventures! The octopus chibi will follow you in whatever challenge that blocks your way!”

- [NEW] Mount

: Summer Surfboard

: Vibrant Surfboard

“SURFS UP! Summer is all about diving in the vast blue sea and conquering waves! Show off your surfing skills with the all new Summer Surfboard, comes with the Vibrant and more decorated Surfboard to flaunt at the beach!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Cutie Sharkie Onesie

“Complete the Cutie Sharkie set and become the embodiment of summer’s adventures! Gain collection buffs”- End of Mystery Train (2023)

“To an average Atlantian, a mystery solved entails treasures, but for Passenger D, it’s an achievement worth remembering for a lifetime. The Mystery Train ends operations today! Got remaining Mystery Tokens? Head on over to Mystery Train Guide to turn in leftover tokens on his event shop.

Mystery Train Guide is located in Rome’s Plaza and near the Mystery Train’s entrance”

- Start of Milky Way Festival Event (2023)

: Milky Way Festival NPCs located in Rome’s Gate

: Milky Way Festival Entrance and Teleport enabled

: Mini-game: Take part as a guild, and deposit Starlight and Lunar Pieces to feed the Milky Way!

(Get the highest ranking among other guilds and earn an exclusive reward!)

“Introducing, the Milky Way Festival! A special festival held by the fairies to honor the moon and the stars, which protect from the shadows of the night!

However, the uninvited fairies have stormed the place, causing a ruckus left and right. The Milky Way’s beacon, a source of the fairies’ protection,  has also grown weak thanks to all the chaos.

It’s now time to restore its power, and high time to calm the rampaging fairies! Calling all Guilds, drive back the fairies and restore the Milky Way’s beacon, and save the Milky Way Festival!”
- Cutie Shark Outfit/Decoration/Mount Random Boxes

“Obtain the Cutie Shark Onesie and the Vibrant Surfboard! Includes other boosts and essential items!”

- Carmilla

: Overall stats increased

: Vampiric Thirst – Increased lifesteal effect

: Dusk Elegy – Increased lifesteal effect

: Dawn Harmony – Increased healing effect

- Sylvie

: Overall stats increased

: Flashbang – Increased damage dealt

: Preemptive Strike – Increased damage dealt

: Demeian Tactics – Increased Hit Rate Boost effect

- Grim Reaper

: Overall stats increased

: Silence of the Grave – [NEW] Added lifesteal effect

: Demon’s Sickle – Increased damage dealt

: Mantle of Death – Increased AP reduction, Increased range, Increased damage dealt

- Sadko

: Overall stats increased

: Abyssal Refrain – Increased damage dealt

: Volkhova’s Elation – Increased damage dealt

: Dischord – Increased Confusion Debuff chance, [NEW] Added Magic Defense reduction

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