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Patch Notes - June 22, 2023

  • Jun. 26 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another look at today’s update for version 361040! With the Mystery Train on track this month, additional rewards have been added to the Mystery Train’s Train Guide!

We’ll also be taking a little throwback to some of the oldest sets in the game, and will be returning in the markets pretty soon!

A bit more to tackle, here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- [NEW] Merc. Skin

: Sadko: Mariachi

“Sadko expands his musical repertoire and takes inspiration from Mexico! Embracing the culture and style, Sadko wears the Mariachi!”

- Collection

: [NEW] Trance of the Ancient Fox

“A little throwback to one of the classic outfit sets: Ancient Fox! Complete this collection to gain supportive buffs!”

- Bot

: [NEW] Thrilling Search Bot

“Introducing the Thrilling Search Bot! A special bot that automatically obtains Lucky Drops from enemy mobs. Simply equip the bot and no longer will you rely on manually picking up Lucky Drops!”- Mystery Train (2023)

: Additional Rewards added to Mystery Train Guide

“Mystery Train Guide has hauled more souvenirs for passengers! Head on over to the Mystery Train map and speak to the Guide to find out what’s in store!”

- Preloaded AO Day Setting (July 2023)- Kuryouki’s Ancient Fox Boxes

- Mekanizm’s Steampunk Boxes

“A return to a few classic outfit sets! Featuring the Ancient Fox and the Steampunk Mk. II Sets! Comes with essential items and other boosts!”

- Melodious Puzzle Piece

“Obtain Sadko’s Mariachi Costume and other essential items!”

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