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Patch Notes - March 23, 2023

  • Mar. 23 2023

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360980! March is about to end soon, as such, we prepare for the upcoming month of April!

St. Patrick’s will be getting additional rewards as well as some adjustments to event drop rates, some small changes to Riederan’s Invasion quests, and some fixes to weekly tournament rewards.

This and more here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

-  Merc. Skin

: [NEW] Anne Bony: Commander

- Boxes

: [NEW] Commander of the Sea Package

“Anne Bony struts in elegant royalty as she is bestowed the title: Commander of the Sea! She exudes authority yet retains her bilge rat style of combat; one does not simply underestimate a commanding pirate! ”

-  St. Patrick’s Day 2023 – Part 2

: Additional Rewards added to Green Foody’s exchange shop

: Increased drop rates of Leprecoins from event monsters

“After a bit of research from Green Foody and her assistant Abigail, they’ve cracked a way on how to grab more coins from the tricky green monsters!

Additional goodies have also been added in Green Foody’s shop to help you in your journey! Rumor has it that she had to “borrow” these relics from a snowy monster after helping out her Viking friends!”

- Pre-loaded AO Day April Setting

: Activates at the first day of April

- Monthly Exploration April Setting

- Commander of the Sea Package

“Obtain Anne Bony’s Commander skin which includes mercenary skin enhancement stones!”


-  Weekly Tournament Rewards

: Fixed an issue where there are fewer honor points and platinum coins rewarded to players

-  3 Slotted Merc. Skins

: Latest 3 slot Merc. Skins can now obtain VI – VII enhancements through Merc. Skin enhancement

: Affected Skins: Moon Shadow and Dreaded Oni

- Mercenary: Exorcist

: Overall stats increased for PVP

- Riederan’s Invasion Daily Quests

: Can now accept multiple Invasion Daily Quests

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