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NATASHA - Neighbors

  • Feb. 27 2023

Once was a cheery young girl born from a noble family. The young girl known as “Natasha” loved to venture with her parents, taking trips in the many sights of the bustling bright city. Even a simple trip to the market was enough to brighten “Natasha’s” day.

The young girl also loved to play outdoors. You would find her climbing trees when playing with the neighborhood children. She would mimic a cat whenever she would perch atop the branches despite being clumsy at times where she would skid her knees down the tree.

While she may be the reckless one in her group, she is also, without a doubt, the most resilient among her friends. Rain or shine, she’s always eager to head out into the woods with her friends just so she could join them.

However, such normal life will soon come to an end when a long period of war has befallen the once peaceful streets.

Desperate to fend off the unknown threats, the nation has declared an ultimatum on where citizens must take up arms to defend their homes and by whatever means necessary. Failure to comply is punishable by years of imprisonment and even death. Not many are ready for such a commitment, especially “Natasha”’s parents who are not willing to put their family in danger.

On one dreadful night, when the sounds of gunfire drown the chattering in the streets, Natasha’s family secretly evacuate their home. Her parents grasping on to their rifles and while Natasha holds on to her pocket knife given by her father. They’ve traversed back alleys, abandoned streets and everywhere they could hide from anyone else. To their luck, they were able to score a coach along the way.

Minutes to hours pass, their ride has now traveled far enough from their home town, enough to see it from beyond the hills. They approach a border, where the neighboring nation lie, but as soon as they’ve crossed the bridge between nations, a band of hooded figures sprung out from beyond the shadows.

The hooded assassins dash towards the carriage. The coachman reaching out for his pistol was unable to defend on time when an assassin, swift as a hawk towards his prey, stabbed him by his backside. Unable to hold on, the coachman drops from his seat.

Natasha’s father springs out and retaliates throwing his knives on to one of the assassins. He then follows up with a gunshot, holding the lengthy rifle with one hand, but barely missing the other assailants. Natasha’s mother shrouds her child in a rugged cloth advising her to hide, away from the window. She leaps out of the carriage to assist, only to be greeted with an assailant by her boot. Kicking the hooded figure down, she continues with piercing a needle on the attacker’s neck.

Little did Natasha know that both her parents were also master assassins. As soon as all of the hooded attackers have been eliminated, what they didn’t realize, a group of uniformed men on horses, have been watching the entire spectacle unfold.

They were from the neighboring nation…

An enemy…

Without a moment’s notice, the group of soldiers rushed towards Natasha’s parents. Natasha’s father managed to dodge the first charge but was conked out by a spear’s handle from the side of his head. Her mother on the other hand managed to knock out three soldiers from their horses. However unable to continue her assault as a bolt was shot towards her shoulder, and followed by the same fate as her husband, knocked out with a stave.

Both fighters, have lost their finesse, but her father had enough strength to leave the young girl a message.

“Hold on to it… Never forget… Live..”

Natasha, all this time, has been clutching on to her knife during the entire commotion. Shaking in fear, she refuses to leave the carriage. However, she was later discovered by one of the soldiers, and proceeds to take her in, away from her parents…

Dragging Natasha by the cuff of her sleeves, she was left distraught unable to avoid what has transpired this one dreadful night...

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