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Patch Notes - December 22, 2022

  • Dec. 28 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360920! The wintry season keeps on giving as new contents and challenges await fellow Atlantians!

And of course, Yong Yong will not sit idly by! Returning this yuletide season, Yong Yong’s Christmas Emporium! Filled with rares and new arrivals!

In this wintry season, the researchers have taken their time into studying the depths and heights of Antark. Every nook and cranny unearthed to find valuable information. In this update, we will be introducing some discoveries for Atlantians to take advantage of!

This and more, here in today’s patch notes!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Dungeon

: [NEW] Sagittarius Plateau

: [NEW] Oriharukon Mine

“Antark harbors new yet unknown threats. Journey through the peaks of the Sagittarius Plateau and discover winged monsters who inhabit the snowy mountains.

The Oriharukon Mine is no stranger to invaders who wish to mine the valuable Oriharukon. Dive in to the depths of the mine and you might be able to obtain such ore (and other valuable secrets) .”

- Olympus Tower

: [NEW] Hades’ Underworld

“A new challenge opens up to eager Atlantians. Olympus Tower introduces Hades’ Underworld! Fight a series of undead armies as well as the grim reaper himself!”

- Armor Set

: [NEW] Apocalypse Armor Set

“Forged from the highest grades of alloy and minerals, introducing the Apocalypse Armor Set! A reinforced set aimed at withstanding even great cataclysms!”

- Merc. Skin

: [NEW] Spartacus: Dreaded Oni

“Spartacus fighting style is said to be similar to an Oni’s aggressive stance. A beast with both blades in hand, Spartacus awakens as a Dreaded Oni, terrorizing foes both in strength and hideousness!”

- Collection Book

: [NEW] Apocalypse Armor Set (+7 and +10)

“Collect upgraded version of the Apocalyptic Armor Set to gain permanent buffs!”

- New Misc. Items

: [NEW] Thanatos Series – Hammer, Enhancement, and Enchantment Stones

: [NEW] Mana Stones – Abyssal Oriharukon, Abyssal Obsidian, Riederan’s Soul Stone of the Dead

- Boxes

: [NEW] Merry Xmas! Boxes 2022!

“Limited time packages available during the holiday season! Get the Xmas Package 2022 to get started in today’s Yong Yong’s Christmas Emporium!”

- Yong Yong’s Christmas Emporium 2022

: Christmas tab added in Yong Yong’s exchange shop

-End of Thanksgiving Event (Part 2)

: Removed NPC Ame and [EVENT] Goddess Lea

“To enjoy the wintery festivities, Ame and Goddess Lea take a vacation!”

- AO Day Setting (Christmas Special Event)

: Activated on December 25th, until first week of January 2023!

“The Holidays features buffs and more goodies! Don’t miss out and take advantage of these limited time buffs!”- [NEW] Xmas Random Box 2022

- [NEW] Merry Xmas! Package 2022

“All your Christmas needs right in this very packages! Once you’ve obtained a Merry Xmas! Package 2022, you can receive +10 Random Boxes and +3 Event Cards to be exchanged in Yong Yong’s Christmas Emporium!”

- Christmas Candy Cane Staffs

: HotFireLava and IceColdSnow Candy Canes reverted to Tradable

- Merchant Mercurius exchange rates

: Hydra’s Poisonous Gland [exchange rate increased]– from 10x Brilliant Soul Stones -> 30x Brilliant Soul Stones

: Van Gogh’s Soul Stone [exchange rate lowered] – from 150x Brilliant Soul Stones -> 60x Brilliant Soul Stones, weekly exchange limit changed from 8x to 15x

< > See List