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Patch Notes – December 8, 2022

  • Dec. 08 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360910! This patch, the merriest season is here! Opening its doors is Holy Town, welcoming all Atlantians to this year’s Christmas celebration!

Santa Villa, as well, joins in on the celebration, welcoming newcomers to the bright and colorful mansion!

This and more here on today’s patch breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

Update Details

- Server Refresh

- Costume Sets

: [NEW] Eternal Winter Set

: [NEW] Timeless Snow Set

- Decoration

: [NEW] Winter Pixie

: [NEW] Snow Pixie

- Mount

: [NEW] Throne of Eternal Winter

: [NEW] Seat of Timeless Snow

- Collection Book

: [NEW] Eternal Winter’s Royalty Collection

- Boxes

: [NEW] Eternal Winter’s Outfit / Mount / Decoration Boxes

“A seemingly small yet prestigious club exalted by the spirits of winter! Amongst the members of the Timeless Snow, those atop the hierarchy of members are known as “One of Eternal Winter”. Rumor has it that anyone who achieves a high rank may be even close to a political position, thus coining the term Eternal Winter Royalty! Clad in white silken dresses accompanied by snow spirits, such combination is actually unstoppable in a duel!”

- End of Thanksgiving Event 2022

: Disabled entrance to “Intense! Training Camp”

: Thanksgiving Hourly rewards disabled

: Intense! Bingo Event ended – players can no longer use “Intense! Bingo Token”

: NPC Ame stays until next update – Can no longer exchange items with [EVENT] Goddess Lea

“Thanksgiving Ame thanks Atlantians for joining he and Goddess Lea’s Thanksgiving event! He will be staying in Rome’s Plaza until the next update to ensure that all your Turkeys have safely taken care of.

Remaining Turkeys can be exchanged in the meantime in NPC Ame’s shop. However, tickets to ‘Intense! Training Camp’ will no longer be usable.”

-Start of Christmas Event 2022 – Holy Town and Santa Villa

: Holy Town and Santa Villa dungeons returns!

: New hourly rewards

: Obtain the Timeless Snow Set and Candy Cane Staffs by gathering Christmas Decorations

: NPC Santahontas returns with new and returning rewards

: Talk to NPC Quest Caroline to get started!

“Holy Town is back! The monsters that dare to ruin this year’s Christmas have come back to do just that! Talk to Caroline right outside of Holy Town to get started!

Participate and you might just get some good shiny rewards from Santahontas! You can find her right in front of both Holy Town and Santa Villa!”- [NEW] Eternal Winter’s Outfit Box

- [NEW] Eternal Winter’s Decoration Box

- [NEW] Eternal Winter’s Mount Box

“Obtain the Eternal Winter’s Royalty Set along with some essential gear and other items!

~ Atlantica VALOFE Team

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