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Patch Notes – September 22, 2022

  • Sep. 23 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360860! Today’s patch tackles additional adjustments and fixes to certain mercenaries vs. game modes.

System events pre-loaded for the month of October as well as the end of the grand Pirate’s Treasure Hunt!

This and more, here on today’s patch content breakdown!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- Mercenary Skin

: [NEW] Sylvie: Nun

- End of Pirate’s Treasure Hunt 2022 (Part 2)

: Removed exchange NPC

: Event materials removed

“Pirate Fanatic Wotello concludes her collection week and decides to go home happy with her shiny haul. She thanks the many Atlantians who helped her with her gold coin collection, where she will happily stash them away from grubby hands. For now that is.”

- Monthly Events

: Pre-loaded AO Day October

: Pre-loaded Monthly Exploration (October ~ December)

- [NEW] Sister Package

“You can now obtain Sylvie’s Nun Skin through the Sister Package. Contains a set of Skin Enhancement Stones and Sylvie: Nun!”

- Magic Skill Fixes

: Fixed an issue where Himiko’s Empress Blessing skill effects not scaling with level

: Fixed an issue where Sae’s Blessing of Music skill effects not scaling with level

- TBS vs. Mercenary Skins

: Fixed an issue where the orientation of TBS’s preparation screen isn’t correct with certain mercenary skins

: Affected Skins:

: Druid’s Skins,

: Grimm Brother’s Skins,

: Demeian Guardian’s Skins,

: and, Puppeteer’s Skins


: Himiko – new skills added to AOA,

: Sovereign’s Honor,

: Ruler’s Grace

- Himiko

: Attack type changed from ‘Bow - Single Target’ to ‘Bow - Triple Targets’

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