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Heart of a Fisherman Event

  • May. 12 2022

Fisherman Acong is back with more surprises. Do you have the patience to become the best fisherman? login into the game and fish your way through with amazing rewards. Set up the bait and catch as many fish as you can get and exchange them with Fisherman Acong. Happy Fishing Atlantians!

Heart of a Fisherman Event

Event Duration: May 12 to June 12, 2022

Event Location: Hainan Island

Event Details:

1. Players need a rod and baits to participate in the event.

2. Go to Hainan Island and look for a better spot to start fishing.

3. There are two different kinds of bait that you can use. (Silver Bait and Gold Bait)

4. Silver and Gold Baits can be purchased at NPC Fisherman Acong

5. NPC Fisherman Acong Item List

What are you waiting for! Grab your rod and baits to start fishing! And be the best Fisherman in Atlantica!


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