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Patch Notes – February 10, 2022

  • Feb. 10 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360710! Today’s patch welcomes the Season of Hearts and the smell of chocolates everywhere! The chocolate production this month has been set to full throttle led by the Queen of Valentine herself!

We’ll also tackle some fixes as well as additional system updates.

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- [NEW] Enabled Accessory Collection Book

: Can now register Accessories through the collection book

- [NEW] Accessory Set

: Sweet Chocolate Accessories

: Passionate Valentines Accessories

- [NEW] Costume Set

: Valentines Affectionate [Costume]

: The Love Bringer [Costume]

: Heart Wings [Decoration]

: Heart Balloons [Mount]

- [NEW] Collection Book Sets

: Valentine’s Trinket Set

: VIP’s Getaway Set

: Funny’s Space Celebration Set

: A Regal Kind of Holiday Set

: Toxic Zombie Nurse Set- Valentines Event 2022

: [NEW] Materials Added – Cocoa Fruit, Proof of Love

: Obtain “Cocoa Fruit” from any monster in the land and use it to craft the “Proof of Love”

: Proof of Love is used for exchanging Event Exclusive Rewards!

: Exchange for Valentines Themed Accessories and Costume Sets

“The Queen of Valentines readies up her Chocolate Factory, however, the source of her hand-made chocolates, the Cocoa Fruits, have all been depleted.

The Queen now calls for help from Atlantians in helping her set up her chocolate production! You can find her at Rome Plaza waiting for aid.”

- Valentines Hourly Rewards

1st Hour – Chocolate Box of Love 2x

2nd Hour – Chocolate Box of Love 2x

3rd Hour – Proof of Love 30x

4th Hour – Proof of Love 30x

-  Cake World

: Teleport gate disabled

“As the New Year celebration has long concluded, Cake World now closes its doors and with Acongs cleaning up the cakey mess after the party.

New Year’s Acong will stay during the cleanup process and will keep his shop open until the project ends.”

-  Holy Town

: Santahontas Shop disabled

“Santahontas and the crew have finally cleaned up the aftermath of the Holiday Celebration, therefore, closing her shop until the next Holiday jam. As she departs and bids farewell, so do the Christmas Decorations strewn everywhere.”

:  Mercenary SAE’s Chorus – Magic skill adjusted

:  SAE Package – Contents have been corrected

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