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Patch Notes - January 06, 2022

  • Jan. 07 2022

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for 360690! In today’s patch, we’ll be saying goodbye to another bygone year as well as Holy Town and Santa Villa, thanking all Atlantians who have saved them from the Christmas Raiders. Today we will also be greeting another year and New Year’s Acong knows just the way to celebrate!

On another news, word has it that a newcomer has arrived in the land of Atlantica! She was spotted carrying a guitar and overwhelming enemies with her high-impact melodies. Having her join your ranks would sure guarantee one grand concert!

This and more, in today’s patch update!

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- New Mercenary

: Musician – Sae

“Introducing SAE the newest guitarist to join Atlantica’s Mercenaries! Her tunes not only bolster her forces but also causes disruption to her foes.

Through her melody alone, she can turn the tide of battle to your favor as long as you join her on her rocking grand debut!”

- New Outfit Set

:  Gleeful Funny Set

“VFUN’s very own Funny! To celebrate another year together, Funny arrives sharing his very own costume set! He comes bringing party favors as well as his signature Space Ship!

Comes in both Classic Funny Set and Gleeful Funny Set.”- End of Christmas Event

Holy Town and Santa Villa Closed

: Santahontas Shop stays until the next update

“And thus the Christmas Season comes to a close. Santa Villa and Holy Town will no longer be accessed.

However, Santahontas will be staying, packing up her things, and helping out in cleaning up Christmas decorations. Fortunately, she still has her items up for purchase. You can find her both near Holy Town and Santa Villa’s entrances.”

- Start of New Year’s Event

: New Shop NPC – New Year’s Acong

: New Dungeon – Cake World

“New Year’s Acong has arrived bearing New Year’s treats for everyone who drops by his store! Along with him, comes the grand opening of Cake World where all Acongs band together to celebrate New Year.

Be warned however as these Acongs go berserk as they celebrate, making them cause harm to other partygoers. You can obtain special cakes from the Acongs and exchange them over to New Year’s Acong to obtain said treats~!”- Sae Premium Package

- Sae Package

- Cat Maid Package

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