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Patch Notes - December 9, 2021

  • Dec. 09 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360670! In this patch, we celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season! What better way to celebrate the season of giving than a party full of Christmas gifts and wonderful decorations!

This year, Holy Town has opened its doors inviting everyone to join them for a holiday festival! However, such a celebration is no stranger to the mischievous monsters ready to ruin Christmas Day. The children of Holy Town seek the aid of Atlantians to fend off monsters and save Christmas once again!

New Christmas-themed arrivals as well as fixes and more here in today’s patch notes!  

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

-New Items:

: Holiday Suit Set

“Embrace the Holidays with the all-new Holiday Suit! These stylish suits were tailored to not only bring out the Christmas within you but also its flexibility allows the wearer to move freely in battle! Comes in a Regal version for the people with fancier tastes~”

: Xmas Tree Decoration

“While Christmas Lights may be enough to decorate a whole town, sometimes it isn’t enough. How about a portable Christmas Tree?

The new Xmas Tree Decoration is both light and portable allowing you to celebrate the Yuletide season wherever you go!

Comes in a lite version and a heavily decorated version!”

: Snowflake Mounts

“The shape of snowflakes truly is a majestic sight to behold. In the land of magic, one such “wizard” got the idea of fashioning a snowflake into a rideable transport!

Ride the Crystalline Snow Flake Mount and bring the snowy weather wherever you go!”- End of Thanksgiving

: Thanksgiving Monsters removed

: Thanksgiving Shop Remains

“Thus we say goodbye to another Thanksgiving Celebration! Turkey Man has begun his journey back home, satisfied with all the wonderful Turkey Dishes made by you Atlantians!

As well, the Thanksgiving Bushbeasts have made a hasty retreat seeing that the cold season is upon them.

Merchant Acong will be staying to pack up his Thanksgiving wares allowing Atlantians to be able to purchase what items remain.”

- Return of Holy Town:

: New Missions and Rewards

“The children of Holy Town seek the aid of Atlantians in fending off the monstrous raiders. One particular child, however, may have other ways in thwarting the raiders’ plot.

You may find her at the entrance of Holy Town waiting for someone to aid her in her scheme…

Take part in her Daily Quests and obtain new rewards and Sacks of Gifts containing oodles of goodies!”- Regal Holiday Set

- Xmas Tree Decoration

: Fixed an issue where the Favorites menu remained missing

: Fixed an issue with missing Forum and Guild Ads


: Max crafting level for all item categories increased from Lv. 140 to Lv. 180

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