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Patch Notes - November 11, 2021

  • Nov. 11 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360650! Today’s update focuses on the return of Black Friday were tons of goodies await as well as new exclusive rewards!  Yong Yong has prepared a good line up of gears and aesthetics available now on his humble shop.

New spooky arrivals now on Item Mall as well as adjustments on crafting stones and other bug issues.

Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh: The return of Yong Yong’s Black Friday Exchange

“Black Friday is back as well as Yong Yong’s special exchange! Check out Yong Yong’s Black Friday shop located at Rome Gate to take advantage of both returning decorations, mounts and exclusive rewards as well as new arrivals only here this Black Friday!”

- Return of Black Friday Packages

: New Package – Black Friday Legendary Weapon Box

“Legendary Weapons from days of old exclusively this Black Friday! Obtain the Legendary Weapon Box and select a mighty weapon of your choice.”

- New Boxes

: Blood Stained Costume Box

“Obtain the Blood Stained Uniform, worn by what was once loyal nurses who devoted their being to saving countless lives, now victims of the horrid Zombie Infestation. Strut around and spook fellow Atlantians today with this new costume!”

: Spooky Concoction Deco Box

“During the time of the spookiest zombie infestation, some zombie nurses were seen even carrying the metallic pole containing what was once vital fluids.

Now poisoned, it can be used to inflict devastating blows as well as stings from trickles of its toxic waste. Obtain the Spooky Concoction Ringer and unleash toxic wrath upon your foes!”: Enhancement and Enchantment Stones Workload Adjusted

: Fixed an issue where a game client exploit disables Game Guard

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