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Patch Notes - September 02, 2021

  • Sep. 13 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360600! Sorel Anderson’s new research suggest that there might even far more monsters this time around and would require even more combined efforts from every Atlantian. The battle to end the Armies of the Night might take even longer than he anticipated. As such, additional mercenaries have joined to ensure the campaign’s success as the darkness have slowly spread over Southern Europe. 

A thousand years ago, a powerful Dark Archmage have created a set of powerful relics. Such relics were imbued with arts of dark sorcery and such people who possessed them in history became legendary warrior and ruler in their own right. Warriors from across the land are looking for the relics to gain such unmeasurable power. Unbeknownst to many, such relics with dark magic would slowly corrupt its bearer and turn them into tyrants. If the tyrant fell, the Dark Archmage would find another suitable heir to corrupt.- Server Refresh

- New Box

: Chaos Costume Random Box

: Chaos Scythe Random Box

: Sports Essentials Box

- New Mount Card

: Chaos Runic Barrier Card

: Blazewheel Mount Card

- New Mount

: Runic Barrier of the Chaos

- Dragon's Lair Acong Shop Update

: Sports Essentials Box

“A new set of unique rewards will be coming out soon! New Sports Attire has dropped in the land of Atlantica! Work up a sweat with these light and flexible outfits crafted from the finest silken materials.”- Hainan Fireworks Festival

: Shop NPC Klutz Removed

“It is high time that Klutz took a break after days of tending to the shop. He will return again on another Hainan Festival Bonanza”

- Twisted Bran Castle Event - New Shop Rewards

: Title: Executioner of Night

: Summoning Book Hualin / Beggar Su

“Mercenary Hualin and Beggar Su can are joining in and can be recruited as allies to help against the armies of the night. An exclusive new title will be given to those who will be participating on this campaign as token of gratitude and a sign of one’s valiant effort and honor.”

- Twisted Bran Event Extension

: Extended until Sept. 16, 2021

“A dreadful revelation that there far more monsters than meets the eye within the hallways of Twisted Bran Castle. The campaign against the Armies of the Night will take longer than anticipated. All hope is not yet lost as additional warriors across the land have joined in to prevent such darkness from taking over.”- Blazewheel Mount Card

: Contains Blazewheel Key

“The Blazewheel Series of Atlantian Supercars return! Passion and Flair of Atlantian design and one of the peaks of Atlantian engineering.”

- Chaos Costume Random Box

: Contains Crown of Chaos and Garb of Chaos

“A Crown and Armor craftily forged from exotic materials and enchanted by a powerful Dark Archmage. Such powerful equipment corrupts its bearer and are driven to insanity but are given dark powers that unleashes their potential. Many warriors before have chosen the path of corruption just to gain such tremendous power. Perhaps the quote “If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you” is true after all.”

- Chaos Scythe Random Box

: Contains Enchanted Scythe of Chaos

“A Scythe imbued with dark sorcery. The blade of the weapon is sharper than any warrior’s sword and can easily slice through even the toughest armor. A surprise of ghastly magical blades awaits those who attack its wielder recklessly”

- Chaos Runic Barrier Card

: Contains Runic Barrier of the Chaos

“Such arts of dark sorcery has led to creation of destructive forces. The magical seals are a manifestation of hidden dark powers within the person. Such display of enormous power may however cost the life of its user and perhaps, their sanity too.”- Smart Robot

: Disabled due to reoccurring bug

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