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Patch Notes - August 05, 2021

  • Aug. 06 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360580! The festivity on Hainan Islands continues as the Fireworks Festival gets an extension! The summer fun adventures continue! Be sure to light up those fireworks for the festival!

A speculative story about two supreme beings of seraphic origin have been spreading between continents. The truth behind such stories aren’t confirmed and is simply scoffed off as a ruse by several nations to divert their attention from pressing matters. But what if the reality of such story is true? Would such deities arrive with benevolent intent or a malevolent intent? You an Atlantian, known to get curious about such narrative investigates to uncover it.

A conspiracy has been formed when various sightings of unidentified flying objects were spotted through various locations around the world. Such theories have been further bolstered by a sudden advancement and developing new space equipment. Such speculations have led to the conclusion that the divine beings in the spreading story maybe the aliens themselves.- Server Refresh

- New Decoration

: Dimensional Dragon Angel Exion Wings

: Dimensional Dragon Angel Exia Wings

“With the story spreading around, there were even rumors that few people who get picked by the divine being are given wings similar to theirs and would grant them the power of a divine being. Such rumors have driven more people to find them to get a pact with them to attain such powers.”

- New Mount

: Dimensional Dragon Angel Exion

: Dimensional Dragon Angel Exia

“Two beings of Seraphic origins have descended upon the world of Atlantica. The two have been the focused of such spreading stories. Whether they really do exist or just a fabricated story, the people around the world are trying to uncover the truth and likely for their own motives.”

- New Costume Set

: Dimension Dragon Headdress

: Dimension Dragon Costume

“The Dragon Tyrant is willing to give his blessings to such beings who will voluntarily agree with its pact and also those that harness its power without being overwhelmed or driven to madness.”

- New Boxes

: Space Random Box

: Noble Aristocrat's Random Box

- New Mount Card

: Covenant Dragon Card

: Mini UFO Card

- New Packages

: Valkyria's Blessing Full Package V2 (Tier 1 to 10)

: Valkyria's Blessing Box V2 (Tier 4 to 9)

: Valkyria's Blessing Battle Box V2 Tier 10

: Valkyria's Blessing Support Box V2 Tier 10- Hainan Fireworks Festival

: Extension (Aug. 5 to Aug. 19)

“The festival gets an extension and the summer adventure continues! Be sure to light up your fireworks to celebrate the event!”- Covenant Dragon Card

: Contains Covenant Dragon, Exion mount

“A divine being whose physical appearance resembles that of the Dragon Tyrant. Such stories that spread never mentioned whether they its benevolent or malevolent got some wary. With such similarities to the Dragon Tyrant, some have speculated that it may be a demon with whose surface is that of an angel.”

- Noble Aristocrat's Random

: Contains Noble Aristocrat's Costume and Blade of Radiant Constellations

“A costume fit for the highest of nobility and only a selected few were chosen to wear such fine clothing. A relic belonging to a noble family that that had stories of granting the user the power of the cosmos. Such relic is speculated to be of alien origin and the noble clothing is a key item into unlocking its power.”

- Space Random Box

: Contains Space Costume and Space Booster

“An advance set of space equipment are worked on to travel the vastness of space. No one knows if such advancement maybe related to the UFO spotting lately but there are people that believe they are connected and will be used to investigate such curiosities.”

- Mini UFO Card

: Contains Mini UFO mount

“A small unidentified flying object has been spotted multiple times on various locations around the world of Atlantica. Conspiracies have been formed that such concept is real and aliens are really trying to scout the world then invade us right after.”- Lifeguard Outfit Set

: Register Lifeguard Cap (Eu) and Lifeguard Outfit (Eu) to collection book

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