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Patch Notes - June 10, 2021

  • Jun. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians! It’s time for call to arms!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360540! Everyone’s combined efforts have effectively reduced the sightings of Otherworldly beasts but the fight isn’t over yet. It is time to wrap-up this battle and repel them completely!

We’ve also got new goods for everyone! Please refer to the details below:- Server Refresh

- New Boxes

: Dragon's Splendid Treasure Chest

: Dragon's Fancy Costume Box

: Summer Beast Guardian Random Box

: Disco Maniac Skin Package

- New Costume

: Summer Beast Outfit

: Summer Beast Headdress

“A new set of outfit perfect for those who want to embrace their inner primal essence. Unleash the fury within.”

- New Merc. Skin

: Sadko : Disco

“Mercenary Sadko, while searching for a new musical inspiration, discovers disco and has embraced this new musical form both in mind and in spirit. He’s ready for the dance floor as he got the moves for an all-night Altantian Night Fever dance off.”

- Mouth of the Abyss Extension (Until June 24)

“The number of Otherworldly beasts have significantly reduced with everyone’s collective effort but the fight isn’t over yet, it is time for the last push”

- Preload Freedom Park (Start June 24)

: Enabled NPC (New Dialogue)

“With a nearing victory in sight, people are now preparing for the upcoming celebration of independence day and triumph over the wicked rebels.”

- Summer Beast Guardian Random Box

: Contains Summer Beast Guardian Headdress and Costume

- Disco Maniac Package

: Contains Sadko: Disco Maniac skin and 150 Mercenary Enhancement Stone

“A package that contains the benevolent Soul of Disco that would possess Sadko.”

- Malignant Shard

: Can now convert event items to EU

- Silver Centaur (No Trade)

: Now added to Collection Book

- Battle Maniac Robot

: Fixed daily missing quest

: Removed Giant Quest Acong Mission from Battle Robot NPC

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