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Patch Notes - May 13, 2021

  • May. 21 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 360520! In this patch, Spring Blossom Fest will be saying goodbye and thanks to all of the Atlantians for stopping by and saving all the Acongs trapped by the howling winter.

Alas, however, the battle never rests as malignant hounds begin to march into the realm once again! Researcher Caleb also returns once again to continue his study of such beasts but he will require assistance from everyone to do so.

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Title: Abyss Walker

“An exclusive title of honor will also be rewarded to those who will participate and fight bravely against the unending hordes of malign beasts”- End of Spring Blossom Event

: Spring Gardener Stays Until Next Maintenance

“Spring Gardener will be staying for a while longer as traveling with such malign beasts roaming around can be quite deadly”

- Removed Event Monsters:

: Potted Cherry Blossom and Frozen Acong

“Thanks to everyone’s combined effort, all of our Acong Friends who got stuck frozen have been freed from their icy prison”

- Start of Mouth of the Abyss Event

: Sorel Andersen (Quest NPC)

“Sorel Andersen is once again putting up a request to slay the malign beasts. Those who will clear his task will be rewarded accordingly”

- Researcher Caleb (Shop NPC)

: Shop is now split into two categories (Gears Shop and Gifts Shop)

: Gears tabs contains event-exclusive weapons and other equipment boxes: Gifts tab contains decorations and mounts

“Researcher Caleb requires a lot of Malignant Shards to continue his research and he is offering a selection of items to those who can provide him what he needs.”

“Equipment and other useful goods will also be available for Atlantians, both of young blood and veteran, to aid in their fight against the slew of malign beasts.”

- Enabled Event Monster (Random Encounter)

: Outworld Beast

“They are spotted everywhere and no one knows where they come from but they are known to expand their territory for their enigmatic master. The malign beast when slain may drop some useful material that may help with Researcher Caleb’s research and study of their origin.”

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