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Patch Notes - April 15, 2021

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for version 461470! For this patch, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day comes to a close and the Spring Blossom Festival finally begins! The blossoming season begins!

Be sure to help free our Acong friends stuck frozen in ice during the recent Winter season!

We’ll also showcase some new arrivals for today’s Item Mall Content and some other adjustments.

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Costumes

: Snuggly Animal Hat

: Snuggly Animal Pajamas

: Cuddly Animal Hat

: Cuddly Animal Pajamas

“Snuggly and Cuddly Animal Pajamas perfect for sleeping, working at home, and even in combat! Functional and stylish! Incredibly adorable!

: Fancy Floral Hair

: Fancy Floral Dress

“A perfect set of clothing to celebrate Spring Blossom Festival. Loose and comfortable perfect for welcoming this season of Spring!

- New Mercenary Skin

: Dryad: Fairy Queen

“As an ardent guardian of flora and fauna, she has ascended to the status of Fairy Queen! Now both a protectorate and a ruler of all things lush and green.”

- New Packages

: Fairy Queen Skin Package- End of St. Patrick's Day

“As St. Patrick’s Day comes to an end, so do the mythical green monsters who have retreated to the deepest parts of the forest. Truly marks the end of a chilly winter season.”

- Green Foody stays until the next update

“Our friend the Green Foody however will be staying for a little longer to give everyone a last-minute tour of her exchange shop.”

- Removed Merchant Acong NPC

- Start of Spring Blossom Event

: New Rewards - Chase Item: Snuggly Costume Set

: Modified Shop - now have separate tabs (Seed Pouch, Ice Tear)

: New Hourly Giveaway

-> 1st Hour: 50 Ice Crystal Tear

-> 2nd Hour: 1 Spring Stamp

-> 3rd Hour: 50 Spring Seed Pouch

-> 4th Hour: 2 Spring Stamp

: Duration - April 15 to May 6

“Winter season officially ends and Spring season finally begins but some of our Acong friends got themselves stuck and frozen in ice during the winter season, be sure to help them!

There are also sightings of abnormal tree growths everywhere. Truly is time for some Spring Cleaning!”

- Cherry Blossom Seed Pouch [Event]

: Renamed to Spring Seed Pouch [Event]

- Dragon's Lair Bug

: Fixed issue with disabled shop inside the Dragon's Lair

- Requiem Skill Bug

: Skill adjusted for normal battle

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