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Patch Notes - March 04, 2021

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for today’s patch, as the festivity continues, the event shop has new offers for everyone, both couples, and a group of friends alike.

We’ll also feature some new arrivals for the Item Mall as well as loads of fixes and adjustments. Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Skill Books and Skill Books Box

: Tania Book Box (No Trade)

: Tania Skill Books (No Trade)

“A mysterious box that holds such books of knowledge of deadly combat arts. Contains event-exclusive skill books for Tania.”

- New Title with Icons

: Title: Queen of Rose

: Title: King of Rose

: Title: Solitary Valentine

“Valentine’s day titles each with their own unique effects! Perfect for Atlantians who have amassed plenty of roses from the Rose Bees this Valentine’s Day ”

- New Mercenary Skin

: Queen of Valentines: Astrologer

“The Astrologer dresses for the occasion and on this season of hearts!  Allow her to tell your fortune in this season of love!”

- New Level Up Tickets:

: Mercenary Level Up Ticket (Lv. 150, 160) (No Trade)

- Added new item in the game

: GM Event Token- Valentines Event

: Additional Rewards

: Tania Skill Books (No Trade)

: Title: Queen of Rose

: Title: King of Rose

: Title: Solitary Valentine

: Empress Tianmo: Party Girl

: Mwindo: Party Girl

: Roro Kidul: Meticulous Maid (No Trade)

: Mercenary Level Up Tickets (Lv. 150, 160, 170)

: Event has been extended  until March 18

“The festivities are still far from over as new exclusive offers are available in the shop. Head over to Merchant Acong in Rome for more details .“

- Scary Acong Fishing

: Removal of Exchange NPC

“It’s time to close shop as the Scary Acongs have fled the scene but worry not, the shop will open once again if they ever come back”

-Yong Yong Exchange

: Added new exchange items

: Phantom Owl Wings (Only obtainable through GM Events)

:Bomris: Champion Of The Black (Only obtainable through GM Events)

“Yong Yong will be offering new exclusive items exchange starting from this day! Be sure to pay him a visit and check out what he has in store!"- Queen Valentine Package

: Contains Quilla: Queen Valentine mercenary skin

“The Queen of Valentine's exquisite outfit is now available!  For more details on Quilla’s heart-filled new look head over to the Item Mall for more details!”

- Connoisseur's Puzzle Piece

: Contains Connoisseur's Verdict

“Only those of fine taste shall be blessed with the power of such Culinary deadliness”

- Mallet Puzzle Piece

: Contains Mallet of the Tender

“Soften and crush your foes with the unrivaled culinary strength of a mallet ”

- Traveling Theater Event

: Fixed an issue with the event teleportation still open and teleporting players to the outside of the world map

: Removal of Event Teleportation

- Astrologer Skill Set

: Fixed an issue where PVP skills just dealt way too much damage than normal

- Bee My Valentines Event

: Rose Bees health has been adjusted due to how high its stats were even on lower levels

- Golden Empire Defense

: Riederan Boss adjusted for reduced difficulty

- Mercenary Level Up Tickets (Lv. 190)

: Fixed an issue where the mercenary level up tickets cannot be consumed by mercenaries if the main has a higher level than 190

: Mercenaries can now consume ticket without the level requirement from Main Character

- 4 Dragon Decoration Sets

: Removed Action Power +10 to all 4 Dragon Decoration Sets

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