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Patch Notes - February 18, 2021

  • Apr. 29 2021

Happy Hearts Day Atlantians!

Welcome to another patch content breakdown for today’s version 360450. The Giant Scary Acongs have at last fled the scene and everyone can continue with the festivities!

Oh, do we smell the sweet scent of chocolate? Bouquet of flowers everywhere? Love is in the air, and so are the gifts for this season!

Please refer to the details below:

- Server Refresh

- New Material

: Fading Star Fragment

“A cosmic fragment that with its origins unknown. It faintly glows with a mysterious aura”

- New Daily Exploration Rewards

: Pre-loaded March Daily Exploration- End of Traveling Theater Event

: Removed Event Portal on Event Tab

: Removed Theater Gate

: Exchange NPC stays until the next maintenance

“The Traveling Theater finally closed its doors. Though it seems Traitor Capitano will stay for a while to clean up what remains of the theater. Head over to the Traveling Theater area to see what he has to offer.

We hear that he has returned his prized books..”

- End of Scary Acong Event

: Removed Warlord Acong in Rome

: Removed Giant Acong random encounter

: Exchange NPC stays until the next maintenance

: Returned Clown Skill Books at lower rates

“The Giant Scary Acongs have fled for unknown reasons and Warlord Acong has gone to hiding once again. Rome is now free from the Warlord Acong’s Wrath. ”

- Christmas NPC Removal

: Removed Santahontas

: Removed Holiday Acong

“Christmas has long been finished and the Holiday Duo would like to thank everyone for visiting! Thus they depart now waiting for the summer heat to hit!”

- Start of Valentines Event

: Merchant Acong (Exchange NPC)

: New Rewards: "Reombarth the Quiet, Lovable Song-i Bag"

: Return of Queen Bee boss (Location: Kinshasa)

: Valentines Quest (Queen of Valentines; Rome Gate)

“The sweet scent of the chocolate has attracted the Rose Bees and such invasion has slowly ravaged the world of Atlantica. Reombarth: the Quite will be joining into the battle to protect Valentine’s Day but know only those are worthy will be given aid”- Valentine Puzzle Piece 2021

: Contains Mr. Cookie Backpack and Big Chocolate Bar

“No one knows what kind of alchemy or perhaps sorcery has been used to create such deadly confectionary”

- Phantom Owl Wing Puzzle Piece

: Contains Phantom Joker Owl Wings

“A Phantom Joker always has an ace up their sleeves and such wings proves to be one of their best tools for a heist getaway ”

- Exion's Dragon Hoard 2021

: New Monthly Tier Reward

“Exion’s Dragon Hoard offers newer and stronger treasures for those who desire more power”

- Golden Empire Defense

: New Exchange Item - Fading Star Fragment

: Riederan Attack Pattern Changes and Buffs

- Astrologer Skills Adjustment

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