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August 20, 2020 Patch Notes

  • Apr. 29 2021

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the new update content breakdown for this August 20, 2020!

Todays patch notes cover balance changes and additional content for pvp.


"Relive and witness some of the fearsome warriors of the warring states era's greatest fights.

Enter the Warring Dynasty Dungeon and come out as one of dynasty's greatest warriors, or maybe the dynasty's new God General?"

We'll also be featuring new arrivals for the summer theme as well as a new collection coming to your collection book!

Please refer to the details below:

■Update Details

- Server Refresh

- New Individual Dungeon

: Warring Dynasty Dungeon


- PVP Rebalancing

: Lowered overall Physical Damage output

- New PVP Participation Rewards

- Added Battle Maniac Robot Quest

:Head over to Rome and look for the Battle Maniac Robot, it seems to have something for you.

- Added New PVP Reward NPC

"Been fighting for glory, and nothing but glory? Well, Battlefield K.D will be sure to reward you for all your hardwork."

: Located Near Rome Bazaar

- Added New Necklace

: Corrupted Dragon Necklace

: Added as PVP reward

- Added Title Icon System

"To make some unique titles more UNIQUE, we've decorated them with their very own icons"

: Some Titles will now have special ICONS

- Added New Decoration

"A clear descendant of the Raccoon bag, now with squirt guns! SQUIRT GUNS!"

: Raccoon Squirt Gun Pack

- Added 2 New Mounts

"Introducing 2 new floaties for your sizzling summer blow outs.

Just don't go as far as to burst their bubble or they will really burst you with bubbles!"

: Marvelous Swan Floatie

: Fla-mingling Floatie

- Added Collection Set Book Bonus

"With the addition of the 2 new feathered floaties, the "Sizzling Summer Collection" is now added to your collection book."

: Sizzling Summer Collection Set

- New Loading Screen

"To keep up with the summer theme, even the loading screen is celebrating summer"

: Sizzling Summer Theme


- AO Day Settings

: August 21-22

: August 29-30

- Daily Exploration Update

Item Mall

- 2 New Puzzle Piece

: Complete this new amazing puzzle piece and get a lot of amazing stuffs.


-Fixed Mercenary Combat Search Robots to properly loot after using a skill

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